Isn't it strange?

You know what I've noticed?

How fast things seem to be. It's like I just woke up one day, and all of a sudden I was older and had all these things that i was expected to do, and you don't even see these things happen. They just do. And I don't understand how you can go from playing outside all day and enjoying all the little things in life, and then almost suddenly have responsibilities and basically be an adult, and suddenly the little things don't matter because you're thrown into this world where everything is big and in your face. The more you try to remember how good things used to be, life throws a little obstacle as if to say 'that's all gone now'. And then you look back and remember all the older people you looked up to as a kid, and they're all older now, and it makes you think that one day you'll be older too, and that's a scary thing. Because you remember how much energy and light they had in their eyes, and all of that's gone now, and you wonder 'is that going to happen to me?'. And I just read this book, and the main point of it was "The minute you're born you start to die" and it's made me feel so weird. 
I realize that thinking that way can't improve anything, but it really isn't all that wrong.
And now I'm in one of my philosophical moods that make me think of the past, present, and future, and I wonder things like 'is it all really worth it?' and the answer really isn't certain.

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