Adventure Bound (Summer Bucket List)

My friend Joli and I made this a few days ago. 

001. Get a sun Tattoo. 
002. Play 'Messy Twister'
003. 'Fluff stuff' fight. 
004. Make the 'industrial bubbles'. 
005. Set a dandelion on fire. 
006. Tie-Dye shirts 
007. Use a Photo Booth. 
008. Go to a concert 
009. Sing in the rain. 
010. Tie a note to a balloon and set it free. 
011. Do a drink prank. 
012. Carve our names into a tree. 
013. Propose to a stranger with a ring pop. 
014. Roll down a really big hill. 
015. Make homemade lemonade. 
016. Smash a pie in someones face. 
017. Hold a free hug sign. 
018. Write in a bathroom stall. 
019. Fill a pool with glow sticks. 

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Sierra said...

Sounds funnnnnn :D