I Do Adore

Yesterday, without myself even realizing until now, was my three year blog-o-versary. I have been writing on this website for the whole world to see since July 1st, 2010. Although, not everything I've said has been important or intelligent (referring to my first ever post), you guys decided that I was at least a somewhat cool person and joined my life journey.

Even though blogging hasn't been the most "successful" thing I've done so to speak, it's been one of the most rewarding things I've done. Sure, I don't even have 100 followers, and I don't know how to edit photos,and I can't even manage to write on here on a steady basis, this place has changed my life. The blogging experience is one that I wouldn't trade. I've made friends who live as near as Texas and as far as Australia. It's broadened my views on religions, music, photography, and the way writing works. If it weren't for blogging I probably never would've had the courage to join a lot of real life groups and clubs that I'm currently, or previously was in (Show Choir, Speech and Drama, School Musicals, Learning Guitar) because a lot of people told me that they weren't important enough to 'waste' my time doing. But when I wrote about those things on here, you all responded with such a positivity that was impossible to ignore.
Because of just one simple comment on a post I made god knows how long ago, I can play guitar, I received a silver medal in performing on the JV level, my writing skills (surprisingly) have improved, and I'm just more comfortable with myself in general.

So, I don't want this post to be about congratulating me on three years of blogging, because let's be honest, I've been mediocre with it at best. I'd rather it be about congratulating you on changing a little sixth/seventh graders life. Because I would be different without this. I wouldn't see the world the same way without the blog-o-sphere.

I wish I knew where this blog will be three years from now, whether or not it will be more or less successful, or if it will even exist. But in these past three years I've found more of myself than I thought I would. Because I'm not normally an emotional person. But whenever I write that one post. The one I spend nights thinking about, the one that makes me just feel something in the air, I know that blogging is something I was meant to do, even if only short term.
So, once again, thank you. For everything.


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