Summer and Getting Older

Today was the official end of my summer "vacation" and the official start of my second year in high school. Which feels unreal to say. Second year of High School. It's hard to accept the fact that it's truly happening literally right before my eyes. I always wondered when I was younger about high school and everything about it. I thought that by the time I was in high school I would have everything figure out about...well, everything. But really, I've learned that you never truly figure it out. You kinda just roll with it. Go with what seems right. And that's okay.

Summer was....Interesting, to say the least. It was both the best and worst. On a high note, I traveled by plane for the first time to San Francisco, California. Everything has its own flaws, but San Francisco is a beautiful place and if you ever get the chance you should go. Just back warm clothes because it is so cold all the time.
And there were a lot of good things that I got to do with friends, sure they were simple things, but they were things that we won't forget for a long time.

While I'm not exactly ready to face the reality of school, it really was time for summer to end. You know what they say; All good things must come to an end. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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