San Francisco Nights Are Calling

I didn't want to make this announcement until I was 100% sure that it was happing, but it is indeed true. 

In just a little over a month, I am California bound (San Francisco, to be exact.).
My friend Joli has an Aunt that lives there and offered her and all her siblings a trip there when they were turned sixteen. Both of her other siblings had the chance the year they turned that age, but both decided to just not go, so Joli and I not only get to go before Joli turns sixteen, but we get to go together. 

We're taking a plane from St. Louis sometime between the Sunday before or the Sunday after June 13th. We're still figuring all the date stuff out. 

We're staying for two weeks, and we're hopefully going to do some really touristy things like seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the Jelly Belly factory, and Joli wants to see some weird haunted house thing. 

Needless to say, we're both super excited about the trip, but, I at least, am starting to freak out about all the details. We're going without any parents, and neither of us have ever ridden a plane before, and we haven't started getting anything for the trip ready yet. 
But, knowing us, we'll do it last minute, and somehow everything will end up at least somewhat okay. I mean, adults are trusting us to go to another state miles and miles away without any supervision until we land from our four hour flight....What could go wrong?   

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Sierra said...

Whoa that sounds ultra cool but very scary all together :P I hope you have loads of fun though!!!!