The City Sleeps, But I Can't Close My Eyes

So, rather obviously, I gave up trying to post my pictures from San Francisco daily while there. We were out everyday until around eleven pm, which is nearly one am my time, so trying to edit all the photos and create a post just didn't seem like a good idea.
However, I'm now back home in the significantly hotter Illinois, and I thought I'd share my Californian experience with all of you.

walking around chinatown (day one)

taking a ferry ride to downtown san fran (day two)

taking a tour of the winchester mystery house (day three)

taking a tour of the jelly belly factory then walking around (the very cold) beach (day four)

 walking from coit tower down the stairs of telegraph hill (day five)

touring the academy of science aquarium then taking a boat tour around the entire bay (day six)

There's also photos that I haven't put on my computer from our final day there, however I hid my SD card very well in my luggage, so those will sadly have to wait until another time. 
California was great (very cold) and flying for the first time was something that I thought I would never do, and to do it with only my friend Joli (no parent supervision whatsoever) is even more surreal. 
I'll definitely miss being there, however I'm thankful to be home, and looking forward to all the things I get to do before the ever-so-dreadful high school comes back around. 

How has your summer been so far?

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